Fleximats | Placemats

As a four-pack these multi-purpose Fleximats beautifully serve your dining room as decorative placemats.
As a single item the versatile, useful and decorative Fleximat cuttingmat:

  1. is a counter saver for your food prep, chopping and cutting.
  2. is kind to your knives.
  3. is manufactured to FDA standards featuring FDA approved Microban, an antimicrobial product.
  4. is easily hand washed
  5. eliminates, e.g., the transfer odor of garlic and/or onions from permeating other foods, reported by many as a problem with standard plastic or wooden cutting boards.
Disclaimer: Under normal use this product, when used for cutting and chopping food prep as with any other plastic material, will scratch, however, its usefulness and longevity is not diminished and the image remains intact. As an update to the product insert, we strongly advise hand washing as opposed to using a dishwasher which may cause some warping of the Fleximat surface. This will preserve and extend the longevity of the backing materiel and image quality. Dishwasher is not recommended. May result in damage to product.

Available in four image varieties:
Fleximat Single Only $7.99 - | - Fleximat Four Pack Only $29.99

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