Tempered Glass trivets and Hors d'ouevres trays

These versatile 8 x 8 x 0.25 inch tempered and textured glass trays serve multiple uses including:
  1. the perfectly priced hosting gift. Next time you are invited to someone’s house for dinner, bring one of these instead of the typical and traditional bottle of wine.
  2. trivet for hot pots right off the cooktop.
  3. counter saver, food prep surface.
  4. great for serving hors d'oeuvres, e.g., a cheese and olives platter, when entertaining
  5. backsplash decor which you can set on a mini-easel.
These tempered glass products are best hand washed and rinsed. This preserves the backing materiel and image quality at its best for years to come. Dishwasher not recommended. May result in damage to product.

Available in two image varieties:

Only $21.99

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